Hankies by Val

There is a lovely letter written on this quilt, and then quilted in.  I've taken a photo of it, and included it below, so I hope you can read it.  In a nutshell, Val made this quilt out of hankies from her grandmother and mother, as well as a few of her own. 
All the hankies were fused to the background fabric, and grouped together in clusters of 4 "blocks".  Sashing strips to match the border around each block of hankies.

 My maternal grandmother taught me that "a lady always carries a hankie", so I've usually got one with me. From the letter, it sounds as though Val' and her relatives were of the same mind.

 Edges crocheted  by mom or family friends.  What a lovely memento.  This will go on her guest bed.
Quilted with the "Feathers" panto in a soft white thread.

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