"Hugs and Kisses" by me

Another one of my numerous string quilts.  I got the idea from a customer, so sorry!  I can't remember who it was now! But, if you looks closely, you'll see that the red  blocks form an "O", while the blues make the "X" for hugs and kisses! What I find most amazing is that I had to stop making red blocks because I ran out of red strings.  Then I had to pull a few from my stash of blues to have enough left over to have enough blocks to make the quilt work.

Quilted with the new panto "April In Paris", Eiffel Towers and swirls.  I had just finished binding the quilt in the morning, then went out to run errands. When I returned home, all kinds of first responders were on my street in front of my house.  I don't know what it was about, but we had the Hazmat Truck, 2 fire engines and a couple of police cars.  When they seemed to be finished with their important work, I ran out with this quilt and shoved it at the officer who was still there.  Tried to quickly explain since I couldn't get the computer to print out one of my "dear officer" letters that I include.  She responded "That's okay.  I remember you.  I came to your house before and picked up a quilt."  Gotta love our officers. 

By the way, the current string quilt project won't have any blue or red in it.  Gonna have to collect again for a while before I can add those two colors back to repertoire.

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