"Mr. Furry Toes" by me.

 Back in September 2015, I got to ride on Cycle Oregon, the "Go for the Gold" route.  I knew at that time that we were going to be losing our sweet Toby dog in the near future, so I purposely started looking for dog prints to include in his quilt.  Much of these came from the "Dog Park" collection that just happened to be at the shop in Gold Beach.  I chose a Bear's Paw block to represent our sweet boy and the tufts between his toes that he really didn't like to have touched..

Some of the other fabrics came from my stash.  Things that I had purchased and collected over the years.  This quilt was pieced long before the 2016 presidential election, and it was a total fluke that I ended up with a "Trump cat" on a surfboard.  Makes me laugh to see it.
This also shows a portion of the quilting design which is called "Flopsy", and features a dog and dog bones in it.  Perfect to represent Toby.  This quilt will be given to the Oregon Humane Society, from where Toby came to live with us.
By the way, Darling Husband Randall asked "Who's this one for" when I showed him the finished quilt. I told him that its for the Humane Society, and he responded "But I miss him too."  Too be continued.

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