"North Star" by Michael

 This is a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman.  She also designed the "Delightful Desert" that Michael made as well as "Awesome Ocean".  There's at least one more of hers that Michael has made, but this is the first one that I have wanted to make as well.  (check back here in a year or so to see if mine is done.)
 So we have an owl,
 polar bear.  For which Michael chose this fabulous "nubby textured" fabric to piece the bear.  Perfect fabric!
 A Narwhal.  When I was quilting it, I initially thought this was a whale and that it was upside down.  Then I noticed the tush..

and my favorite, the musk ox.
Quilted with an edge to edge design called "Snowflake Splendor"  So fun!

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