Something to keep you warm

Let me start by stating that I am not proud of either of these quilts.

It all started with a new "Tumbler" pattern for my accuquilt cutter.  Too much fun to play with!  So fast and easy to cut fabrics, so let's just cut a bunch of stuff up.  Started by pulling "What was I thinking?" fabrics.  You know, the ones where you wonder why the heck you bought them in the first place.  Cut up a bunch of those, and had a brief though of matching them to make "Lava Lamps".  That didn't last long, required too much planning, and I didn't have enough of all the fabrics to do it.  So, started to just grab them at random, and see what happened.  Much more my style.

Stitch the one on the left, but realize that it's just getting too big, and I've still got all this leftover fabric already cut.  Okay, make a baby quilt to go with it, and use it up.  Ugh.  These are not attractive!  Used a scrap of wool batting to finish off the baby quilt, and cut a piece of poly for the larger.  Bind them quickly and put them into the car to give to an officer.

Between WW meetings, I often try to stop for a cup of coffee, and this is also where my cop "friend" Tori often takes a break with her co-workers.  No time for a cup for me, but there's a police vehicle in the parking lot.  I'll just drop the quits off on the hood of the car, and be on my way.  I drop the quilts, and am getting back into my car when I glance up and see the officer coming around the back of his car with coffee in hand.  (Drat!  Caught red handed!)  You could tell from his expression that first question was "What are you doing to my cruiser?" I explained what I had done and that he should talk to Office Tori for further details.  He kind of smiles and says "That's okay, I'm very familiar with this (pause and then air quotes) program."   I'm about to leap back into my car, my day brighter by having to passed off these quilts to a good home.  One last leap out of the car to state "I'm really not proud of these quilts, but they will keep somebody warm."  So please, as you look at these, be gentle, and understand that their role in life is to try to keep someone warm, not to be pleasing to the eye.

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