T-shirts and dress shirts for Bridget's mom

This is a T-shirt quilt.  Seriously.  Nothing like I've ever worked with before, but boy did I have fun, and learned a LOT.  Bridget took shirts from her mom's late husband's closet and made this stunning quilt for her mom.
Most of the knit shirts were fused with interfacing after having been pieced, but surprisingly, it still worked to stabilize them.  There were a couple that were missed, but thanks to my wonderful APQS machine, it quilted beautifully.

Bridget had asked for a wave design in the predominately blue blocks, and a "topographical" design in the brown ones to represent their time at the beach, camping and hiking.

 She had further requested a feather in the blue portions of the pinwheels, and then a stone/pebble design in the grey/black portions.  Try as I might, I couldn't find a decent pebble design for such a small space, so I ended up finishing the pinwheels and the borders on my Millie machine.  The rest of the quilt was completed on my computerized Lenni.

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