Mark's Stars by Shelley

Shelley contacted me about quilting her quilt for her, and Mark dropped it off.  When Mark arrived, he had a couple of questions for me to ask Shelley, so the two of us spoke on the phone, and we came up with a plan for the quilting.  I wrote up the check in sheet that we would use this thread, and quilt this design, etc.  I showed it to Mark for his signature and he commented "What's this?"  Silly me.  It's Mark's quilt, he gets to choose the quilting design and thread!  Mark chose the Mariposa pantograph, so there are lovely butterflies flying across his quilt, and the wool batt gives it great loft.  Such a pretty quilt, and I learned the lesson that you need to talk to the person who is dropping it off to see what they want, not what the piecer necessarily wants.

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