"True Nature" by Judee

 Here's something to test your mettle.  I received an e-mail from Judee who lives in Tillamook, OR.  She has this lovely McKenna Ryan quilt top that she has made.  Here's what Judee had to say about the quilt.

 "My son, who is a fishing guide, and my husband, Doug are involved with the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association), which is an organization trying to save and protect the salmon and steelhead.  The Tillamook Chapter of CCA holds a banquet in the spring to make money for the Oregon Chapter of CCA.  This banquet has a auction, which is mostly fishing gear relates, but also has art prints and other items.  The banquet is attended largely by fishermen and their wives.  I was asked by my son, Travis, who is also the banquet chairman, last year if I would make a "guys" quilt for the auction in 2014."
How can I possibly turn this down?   I had my own McKenna Ryan pattern quilt top ready to quilt, but hadn't worked up the nerve to start it yet.  This project got mine finished, so that I would feel like I knew what I was doing for Judee's.
 All of those little tiny bear faces are cut out of individual pieces of fabric, and then appliqued to the background.  The backgrounds have shading, but everything else is applied individually.  Wow.
While initially rather scared to take on Judee's project, I had SUCH a good time working on it.  I was so fearful that she wouldn't like how I quilted it, but she gave me free rein.  I received a lovely note from Judee as well telling me how much she loved the quilting, and this was before she even got the quilt back.

I hope that the quilt will raise a lot of money for such a great cause.  Although I haven't yet met Judee in person,we have a plan to meet at the local fabric store when either she is in Portland, or I am in Tillamook.  I am sure that she is a lovely person to make such a beautiful quilt, and then to give it away.

Updated on Mar. 23, 2014.  Be sure to check out the comment on this quilt.  Judee got some great and exciting news about the quilt!

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Beth said...

Update! Here is what Judee had to say about the quilt auction. I can't figure out how to attach a copy of the photo that she sent, but here is her comment."The picture is me.......grey haired old lady...haha.......yes, the quilt went for way more than I ever expected. The banquet is 60percent men, and you just don't know if these fishermen are going to be interested in a quilt. About 120 people at the banquet, and because the quilt was hanging, everyone really got to see it along with other auction items before the auction, I am sure that helped a lot. I had a lot people commenting on the quilt and telling me how much they liked it. My expectations was between $500-700, and really hoping it would go for that much. I had a fear of nobody wanting it and was very nervous when it came up for bid......but quite a few people were bidding on it until it reached $1,000.00 and I about fell over.....it was so exciting. Two couples then kept outbidding each other until one of them got it for the $1,500.00....I had tears I think and my husband Doug was really excited for me, and also out son, Travis. The husband and wife who got it live in Salem, with a beach home here in Tillamook. The husband fishes a lot with my son and has gone to the Alaska camp. I don't know what their plans for the quilt are. I did give her a big hug and thanked her for buying it. She told me that she was determined to win the bid...... So pretty cool to make and donate a quilt that could bring in that much money, and thank you so much again for your great job in quilting it for me. You definitely can post whatever you want of the quilt. That is a great honor to me."