Canning Tomatoes, pints, by me.

I named this quilt because I started to work on it when I was at my mom's house, many years ago, canning tomatoes.  We didn't have a range hood in our kitchen at the time, and she has central air, so much more pleasant to go to mom's and do it there.  Plus I get to spend time with mom.  This quilt is "Pints" because there is a larger version of the same quilt that will be "Quarts".  Plan A was to make one large quilt top, but it seems that I can't count, and cut way too much black and white fabric.
Red Glide thread throughout the top.  Feathers in the red blocks, and continuous curves in the squares.

The backing to show the quilting.

The narrow white border needed something, so I changed to White Glide thread and quilted a leaf design there.  I tried to use the red thread, but it looked like it was bleeding.  Regular feather border in the black border, and Molar feathers in the red outer border.  Again, wool batting because I love the loft and warmth that it provides.

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