Shells or "The Cheddar Quilt" by Kris

Kris contacted me via e-mail, and we have yet to meet.  She had 3 quilt tops that needed quilting for a cancer fundraiser coming in June.  This quilt was made to honor a friend of hers who owned a Shell gas station for many years, but had recently passed due to cancer.  After a quick consult to my friends at APQS online, I got the perfect suggestion for quilting.  Since the gentleman had owned a Shell gas station, why not quilt the Shell logo in the open spaces?  I simplified the logo, but you still get the general idea of a shell.  Smaller in the blocks, and a larger version in the setting triangles.  Kris referred to this as the "Cheddar" quilt when we were talking about how to quilt it, but in my mind it became known as the Shell quilt.

Now if I had only further listened to my online friends and used white pounce chalk power to mark the shell design!  I went over the quilt with a damp toothbrush before sending it back to Kris, but she still needed to wash it before finishing it.  I used So Fine! thread in top and bottom, cream for the continuous curves in the squares and nutmeg for the shell design.

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