1/2 square triangles by Amber

Here is Amber's second quilt that she left with me.  All done in lovely batiks and simple 1/2 square triangles.  Makes a really effective quilt. 

Amber and I were discussing how to quilt it, and I asked her to describe her feeling about the quilt.  She commented that it felt "calm" to her, so that led us to quilting it with a pond water meander.  Imagine the ripples that you get on a pond when you toss a pebble in, and that's the quilting design. 
   When she came to pick up her quilts, she said that she wasn't going to start another quilt yet, that she had some other things to do first.  I was rather disappointed, as I had really enjoyed these two quilts.  Then she said that she had started another top, but doesn't know where it will go yet, so isn't ready to think about quilting it yet.  I only hope that when it's final destination is known that she'll let me help her to finish it.  Such pretty quilts!
Amber chose a Lava variegated thread for the top, and So Fine! for the bobbin.  

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