Harry Potter for Dean

Dean contacted me via e-mail. Here is what he said "My wife wants a Harry Potter comforter for a king size bed, Unfortunately they are only made in full size. I did purchase two and took them to an alteration shop. She suggested a duvet which looks nice but does not work for us."  When Dean brought them to me, they had been made into a duvet, with one of the comforters cut in half, and then sewn to the sides, and a section added to the bottom.  I took the top apart from the bottom and removed the zipper.  I was able to re-use the backing, but needed to add a section to be able to attach it to my leaders.  Quilted with Monopoly thread in the top so that the thread color wouldn't compete with the colors in the quilt.  Quilted with "mimbari" quilting design.  One of my own freehand designs that is named after a species from the Babylon 5 TV series.  It was really fun to puzzle out how to make this work, mostly in trying to get the quilt top straight on my rollers.  I'm used to woven cotton fabrics, and this was made from slippery polyester, so it wanted to slide off the machine and not stay where I wanted it to.  Now I have such an urge to watch all of the Harry Potter movies.  

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