"Library" by Becci

Ack!  She's never sent a quilt out for quilting before!  The pressure!  I love the quilt!  Becci has a friend who is a librarian, and will be receiving this lovely quilt.  Haven't you always wanted to do this yourself?  Gotta love that it looks just like a set of book shelves.  Mostly they are standing upright, but there are a few that are stacked, or leaning against others.  The vase in the middle is a perfect addition.
All the books are SID, and every once in a while I quilted a design in the "spine" of the book.  The grey with the diagonal  lines, and the yellow with the birds both have quilting.  All quilted with monopoly thread to give texture, but not distract from the piecing.  Becci also chose great fabrics, so many of them really looked like the spines of classic leather bound books.  The background was quilted with a vine and leaf design to tie in with the fact that books are made with paper which comes from trees.

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