ABC's with house bordery by Terri

 Terri made this quilt for the grandchildren she doesn't have yet.  Good planning!  Then when the babies arrive, she's ready to go. 
Much as I hated to stitch over her beautiful embroidery and applique, Terri was okay with that.  I love the additions that she made to the blocks, especially momma bird looking down at her nest.

This bunny is my favorite though!

I love the fabric in the letter "Q".  It's little chicks!  She had this fabric in red, orange and blue.  I'd love to find some of that to add to my stash.

Houses go all around the perimeter of the quilt.  Maybe they are little red schoolhouses though.  All done in varying shades of red with lots of different prints.  Quilted with So Fine! thread in a dark cream and giant clamshells for a quilting design.

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