Oregon Trail by Nancy

For example, lift up the Teepee above, and you get to read the "book of remembrance" below.
Nancy has embroidered some of the state lines to indicate where the family was initially from, and then as they get closer to Oregon, she used orange thread to show their path.

All of the animals are cut from faux fur fabric and glued down.  They often have beads for eyes, or other types of fabric or embellishments to make them more lifelike.

Oh the details!  If you pull the canvas covering apart, there is a photograph of one of the ancestors "driving" the wagon.  Yes, the wheels all spin, and the rope and chains and bag of flour are all hanging from the side of the wagon.

Here's a lady peeking out of the cabin window.  Notice the broom and dustpan next to the door, and the quilt on the left side of the house.  There was a metal washtub on the right side of the house, but it came loose during the quilting.  Nancy will quickly get that reattached.

Because so many of our family histories or at the very least genealogy is written in the front of the Bible, that's what Nancy did as well. Below you'll see the names and dates of family members, and the colored dots indicate the embroidery thread color that indicates where their homes are on the quilt.

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