Dad's quilt for Lindsay

Lindsay had contacted me about making Nissen's quilt earlier in the year.  This time she and her sister needed a quilt for their father who was recently given a difficult diagnosis.  This is a small quilt, about 48x58" and about as fast of a quilt as it's possible to make.  Lindsay and her sister came to my house and sorted through my collection of "Nickel Squares".  So called because they are 5" squares.  I prompted them to choose fabrics that reminded them of their dad.  Either the color, or the print in the block.  I then sashed all the blocks with black to make a frame for them and quilted it with an edge to edge design.

This reminded them of swimming with turtles in Hawaii.

Dad loves dogs, so there are several dog fabric blocks.  There are also hearts to show how much they love him, nurses to represent both sisters whom are nurses.  What a great way to show your support of someone going through a difficult time.

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