Winken, Blinken and Nod by Sharyle

 I can't say why Sharyle is making this yet, but...  She's made an attic window block to frame the panels of Winken, Blinen and Nod, then it's quilted with an edge to edge star pattern.

 You can't really see the attic window effect in a close up shot, but I also wanted to show the details.

No, the backing isn't grey, it's a perfect match of the same lime green in the front, but in Minkee fabric.  I love how the quilting design really shows on the backing.  This also gave me a chance to realize that I had completely missed quilting a 6" square in the bottom corner of the quilt.  Due to the way the pattern is quilted, I had just missed that when I was trying to not quilt off the edge of the quilt.  Back on the machine, and a quick finish in that little spot.

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