Aunt Grace fabrics with photos by Madison

Madison contacted me via e-mail about quilting her quilt for her, and said that she had a special quilt that she was making for her mother, that it had photos of I'm guessing family members in it.  In addition this was the first quilt that she had sent out to have someone else finish the quilting for her.  No pressure there!  
Okay, so we talk back and forth about how to potentially quilt her quilt, and I e-mail asking to schedule and appt. for the two of us to meet.  Well, she lives outside of Washington DC, so she won't be dropping the quilt off in person.  Wow.  Out of all the people she could have contacted about quilting her quilt for her, and she picked me!  Wow!

We talked about how to quilt her quilt, feathers that meander all over the quilt top, but not onto the photos themselves.  My rule is you don't quilt over faces.
 When I went to load up her quilt, her backing fabric was just a smidgen to small, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't make it work.  Back to the computer and more emails.  Since I live 3 miles from Fabric Depot, I told her that I'd be happy to pick up a new backing if she would trust me with this.  She did.  Wow again.  I think that I really thought that I'd be able to find more of the same fabric that she had sent and I could just seam it on, but no such luck.  I stuck with the green theme that she had  initially chosen, and with 1930's, but it's quite different from her original.  I almost bought a 2nd piece for my stash, but since I can't get my 30's fabric drawer shut, I didn't. I'm so proud of myself.

The most recent e-mail from Madison was to ask if her mother could send me some quilts to quilt for her as well.  How many "Wows" is that then? 

I think that I have the best job in the entire world.  I get to play with fun fabrics, meet such wonderful people who are always so happy to see you, especially when you call them to say that their quilt is ready.  How lucky am I?

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