Hawaiian Flowers by Paige

Quilted with Rainbows "Colorburst".  When Paige dropped off the quilt, I looked at the cone of thread and thought that there was probably enough to finish her quilt, but I added it to my shopping list anyway.  As I kept quilting, the thread got lower and lower on the cone.  Now I'm starting to panic that I won't have enough thread after all.  I'm staring to sweat bullets, praying, you name it.  Finally finish the quilt, with 38.5" of thread left.  Yes.  I measured how much was left!  I had actually tied on another color the same style so that my tension would be consistent as that last bit of thread went through my machine.  It was when I was looking at my thread for another to tie on that I found one still in the wrapper.  Hmm.  This looks a lot like "Colorburst", but if it is I think I'll scream.  Sure enough, brand new cone on the shelf.  Argh!  All that fretting for nothing!

On a positive note, I think that I have finally decided what to do with all the lovely prints that I purchased when my darling husband and I went to Hawaii in 2013.  Thanks for the idea Paige!

By the way, this quilt will be returning to Hawaii for Paige's friend's 60th birthday. 

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