Jeromy's t-shirts for Nan

 Shh.  No telling about this quilt until the 1st of March.  This is a surprise for Elaine's sister but she's not sure that she'll be able to wait until then.  The back story.  Ever since high school, my family has been friends with Lee, his late brother Tom, mom Judith and late dad Rex.  Darling Elaine met and married Lee, and every time I see her I think how happy I am that Lee met her.  What a lovely person!  Before Lee and Elaine were married, her son Jeromy was killed in a accident at work.  What a tragedy.  Elaine brought me two boxes of clothes of Jeromy's with "no idea" what she wanted it to be at the end, but gave me a rough idea of size.  I pulled out the shirts and one pair of pajamas that were well worn and obviously favorites.  These became the quilt top.
 These are pieces of counted cross stitch that Jeromy made.  The lava lamp design on the left is the one that he was working on when he died, and I left the threads and needle attached, just like I received them.

I have no idea what this shirt is advertising, but I love the name.

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