Golf by Jane

Jane is certainly one of those people.  First off, she contacts me from well out of state.  All I can think of is that surely there are other quilters near her, but you chose me?  Wow!
Then she brings this quilt for her boyfriend.  Really cool to look at, but even more so when you get closer to it.  First off, all of that amazing applique is done by hand.  I enjoy handwork, but applique is not my thing.  Then she tells me that she didn't have a pattern for these!  She created all the applique designs by herself!!  Holy cow!

 I'd also like you to notice all the embroidery.  Again, done by hand.  Wow again!

All quilted with an edge to edge design of "Windy Sky"  Perfect to represent the breezes that you might encounter on the golf course.  Hard to make the wind all go in one direction, but like bike riding, quilting is probably the only other thing where the wind seems to come at you from all directions at the same time.

Did you notice the little heart at the top right corner?  So sweet.

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