Hexagons by Jewelie

I love to English Paper Piece hexagons, and when Jewelie contacted me about quilting her hexagon quilt, I figured that was the technique she had used.  No, she pieced all these little guys together.    Wow.  If you look carefully, and I mean carefully!  You'll be able to see that there is a seam down the center of each on.  Even those lovely dragon blocks are pieced in the middle. 

 Talk about precision piecing!  I don't know how she managed to get the designs to line up so well on these two blocks.  There are other dragons, but these are my favorites.
Quilted with "Vanilla Cream" panto.  I found a couple of amazing dragon pantos online for her daughter to look at and choose from, but she decided on Vanilla Cream after all.  Drat!  I really wanted an excuse to get those!  Quick!  Someone make another dragon quilt!

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