Lone Star by Sonni

I am forever amazed by the people that you meet in the world.  I'm probably violating HIPPA regs here ,but Sonni and I initially met at our Weight Watchers meeting so many years ago.  She told me that when she was looking online for someone to quilt her quilt top, she found my website and thought "This woman looks familiar."  
I believe that this quilt is for her son and new daughter in law, so a lovely bed quilt for them.
 Since it's a wedding quilt, it needed to have hearts quilted in the large open squares.  Then so that they would really show, I did a tight meander background fill.  Too bad I didn't get the photo turned.  Trust me, the hearts all point towards the top and/or bottom of the quilt, so they are going the correct direction.
 A feather in the red border to fill the entire space. Molar feathers in the white print border, but difficult to see on the print fabric.
 Continuous curves in the diamonds, and then rays that repeat the seam line from the diamonds into the borders.
I love these rays!  This was Sonni's suggestion, and it's perfect.  These are in the top, bottom and two side setting triangles.

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