Stars of Hope

 This quilt is a long time in the making.  In Sept. of 2015, while on Cycle Oregon, Xande and I stopped at Jo's quilt shop.  In a town in Eastern Oregon that I'm sorry to say I've forgotten the name of!  Great little shop, and then there's the barn in the back.  We went a little crazy there.  I bought the remainder of the red police badges fabrics, at Xande's urging. "With all the police quilts you make, you really need that." where her words.  Started piecing the blocks soon after the terrible shootings in Dallas, TX, and used the block "Star of Hope".  Seemed more than a little appropriate.

 The problem is that the black or grey triangles are supposed to have been the same fabric as the light grey background, so that they blue stars in the blocks becomes lost.  Argh.  That's why I quilted such a bold design in the blue, to attempt to make them stand out a bit. Not sure it was effective, but I did try. Then attempted to tone down the "wrong" fabric, with a simple square design.
 Played a bit with my rulers in the setting squares, but not thrilled.  At least I changed to a pale grey thread to have it blend a bit more.
Used "Military Gold" thread in the main body of the quilt and the borders.  While the police aren't necessarily "military", it seemed appropriate.

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