Wool applique in cream and black by Leigh

 How does she do this?  Leigh told me today when she picked this quilt up that it took her "about a month" to make it.  She does not watch television, but likes to spend time with her husband who does, so she always has her hand work.  Just amazing!
 Here's what we did.  First, I listened to my brain when it told me to change what we had initially discussed for quilting her quilt.  Then I contacted her, and she told me to listen to my brain, and do what it was saying. 
Then add feathers in the black setting triangles of the applique blocks. .

In the larger corner and side triangles, more feathers, but this time, give them a little more definition by echo quilting along the seam lines.  Gives them a frame.

It's really hard to see since the thread matches so well, but there are 2 little echoed triangles in each triangle off the alternating applique blocks.  That would be 128 little triangles in case you're counting.  No wonder I didn't finish those in the first afternoon that I was working on them.  (I have such great plans for all the things that I will accomplish)

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