"Aboriginal Animals" by Leigh

 Oh my goodness.  Here's another one that's been in my studio patiently waiting it's turn for quilting.  I think this one was well worth the wait.  I had such a good time working on it!  I went back to the 265 free motion quilting designs book, and went to town.  Each animal is outline quilted at approx. 1/4" from the outside embroidery.  Then each bock got a different background fill around it.  So much fun!  I really hope that Leigh will consider entering this into a show. Let's see how many animals I can name.

I think this might be an Ibis

Sorry, no clue.

 Frilled lizard.  Or as everyone has been telling me "You know, those ones that can poof out their necks."
Duck bill platypus

 Some type of weasel


 I hope you can figure this one out on your own.


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