"Our Father" by me

You'd think that being a quilter, math would be a strong suit.  Sadly, no.  In fact, the only 8am class I ever took in college I "affectionately" refer to as "Bonehead math".  It was probably math 101, or the equivalent.

Sometimes though, my inability to count turns out in a positive manner, such as this one.  It all started out with the extra 2.5" wide strips in the light blue with leaves.  Crud.  I've got all these leftovers, what to do with them?  Joined them with some leftover strips of yellows, and made them into scrappy 4 patch blocks.  Just the 4 patch blocks was going to be a microscopic quilt, so I'd better add something else.  Add in the pale yellow with dots left over from a friends wedding quilt.  Still pretty small quilt.  Hmm.  Let's cut larger squares of this two left over blue fabrics, and alternate them.  Oh look, just enough of the blue that started it all to make a border out of it, and enough of the yellow for binding.

The name of the quilt comes from the fabric with lettering.  It's "The Lord's Prayer", or the "Our Father" depending on your history.  Both of the blue fabrics came from Officer Tori with the Portland police, so obviously it needed to go to her.  Quilted with the "Dove of Peace" pantograph that she chose for her daughter's school quilt.

Since I'm so lousy at math, I still had more of the original blue strips.  More 4-patch blocks made with yellows  More lager squares made from left over fabrics from Officer Tori.  This one isn't quilted yet, but be on the lookout for "Dove Chocolate."

Update to this quilt.  I carried it around in my car for about 2 weeks looking for an officer to give this to.  Never an officer when you need one, but that turned out well in this situation.  During the 2017 snow storm, I was working extra meetings for others who couldn't get out. Stopped at the coffee shop where I tend to see officers,  but no one there on my way in.  Back in the car, and heading the last 1/4 mile to the center, when there's a patrol vehicle!  Wait for me! I'm shouting in the car, even though they can't hear. Pull up and park really badly next to them, and who should be outside her vehicle but Officer Toni!  Hurray!  I knew that the "right" officer would receive this quilt, and it was her!  So glad to be in the right place at the right time, and that she got to see her extra fabric put into something useful.  Now I'm glad the quilt got to visit so many other locations along with me in the car.

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