I am very sad to be coming to the end of a wonderful series of quilting mystery books by Barbara Graham.  This quilt is from the "Murder by Gravity, the Funeral Quilt"  Whatever will I do when I don't have a mystery quilt pattern ready to play with?  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll find something.  As usual, I pulled from my stash.  The yellow is something I purchased for my mother in law, the dark blue is leftover backing fabrics. The lighter blue came from a wedding gift, and the red background is something that someone gave me.  I've loved having that red fabric around, and am sad to say that I think it's nearly gone.
 The backing is made from the original backing to a quilt I re-did for Marielle, my niece.The panto is called "Fantasy Flame".  One I have never used before but it's one that's been kicking around for way too long.  I really like it! Also for the police.

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