International Sue by Sara

 I'm sure we've all seen the many variations on Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam, but this was a new one for me.  9 different "Sues" from 9 different countries in traditional dress.  So cute!
 Native American.
 Scotland (I think it's my favorite because of the kilt, and my Scottish heritage)
 Mexico? She's holding a parrot in her arms.
 France (because of the paint pallet)

 Africa, love her headress
Egypt.  Sara said she was holding a snake, but she didn't like that, so changed it to an ankh.  Much better.
 Australia, gotta love the boomerang.
And Canada.

I used to have a copy of two books.  "Stash Envy" and "That Dorky Homemade Look."  I believe it was Stash Envy where the author talked about Sunbonnet Sue, and wondered what she was hiding.  Was she really a space alien?  If anyone has a copy of either of these books, I'd love to borrow them if you've got a copy.  The library doesn't, I tried.  If you haven't read them,  check them out.  They are laugh out loud funny.  Especially if you're a quilter.

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