"Shop Hop"

 My dear friend Xande (who shares my love of biking and quilting) gave me three 1/2 yard cuts of fabric, all with a sewing theme.  Isn't she the best?  I fussy cut one, and just cut the others down to 6.5" blocks.  Then pulled things from my strings to make a courthouse step style block.  For the police, of course.
I love the license plates.  I looked and looked, and can't find Oregon in this quilt.

"Perfect Piecing Pond".  Wish I lived on the shores of that!

 "Seam Ripperville".  That's where I live!

 Love the Mariner's Compass above. 

"Long Arm Lane".  Now that's MY street.

Driving to work on May 5th, I happened to see a police cruiser pulled over.  I approached them, and gave the officer the quilt.  I loved his reaction.  "A quilt?  Well that's a first."  Then this afternoon I received an email from him, and here is the content of that email.  

Hi Beth, I'm the Officer you gave the quilt to this morning. I just wanted to let you know it was an honor to give your quilt to a person in need. The person in the photo was trying to keep warm with a plastic tarp. I'm sure he will cherish your quilt in honor of your father, David Turner. 

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