Michael's "Quilt Biography"

I think that "Quilt Biography" is a perfect name for this.  We all have those bits of fabric that are too big to throw away, but too small to use in another project.  Michael took those, and made a great Rail Fence quilt out of his.
 Lots of fun memories for me in this quilt.  I remember his "Sponge Bob" quilt and the "Space Ships" one below that.  I believe that both were for Camp Erin.
 To to love Cat in the Hat, and the wood grain print from the log cabin quilt made from wood grain prints.
 What's not to love about "Dora the Explorer", ladybugs, and all of those left over bits of 108" wide backing fabrics from previous quilts? Michael asked for white thread in top and bobbin, so I used King Tut on top.  Then he said to choose my favorite panto, so I opted for "Tangles", the title seemed appropriate for the "Tangle" of fabrics.

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