"Candy for Cops"

I call it "Candy for Cops" because most of the prints are some sort of sweet treats.  It all started years ago with a specific candy fabric that I loved, but never quite knew what to do with.  Finally decided "What are you keeping it for?", and started this.  I pulled the pinks, greens and purples from the stash thinking that there was enough of one to be in a consistent spot, but there wasn't enough of anything for one specific part.  I even ended up piecing many parts of the sashing just to have enough
This is the original fabric, but then I had others that went with it, but didn't necessarily match the "theme", and added those.

My giggle about a few of these.  I was on the Mt. Adams Century bike ride, and passed the quilt shop for the 3rd time in as many years.  Pass on the final climb, let's go to the quilt shop Xande!  So we did, and found several fun fabrics that had to come home with us.

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