Hallowwen Embroidery by Sharyle

First, let me say that anyone who does hand embroidery astounds me.  But this many blocks?  And the detail?  Wow.
 She filled the center of the quilt with these 9 patch blocks set on point, and surrounded by the black setting squares.

Now the embroidery begins.  I stitched about 1/4" from all the exterior seams, and echoed around the stitching.  then a background fill, a different one for each block. 
Since "The Black Cauldron" serves hot soups, I quilted "steam" in the background.


 An easy meander to attempt to look like popcorn
 Vines to go with the vines growing from the pumpkin patch

 Water meander to go around the laundry line
 Peacock feather meander, not sure why I chose it.

 Ribbons to mimic the "fly thru" banner.
 Not sure what it's called, but I love how it echos the design that she has stitched around the blocks.

 "Mimbari".  A design of my own.
It's supposed to be "hair" to go with the hair salon.

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