NY Beauty by Jeannine

Oh my.  Jeannine tells me that she has a quilt that is nearly ready for quilting, and states "The quilt is kind of busy, so the quilting needs to be subtle."  Initially she suggested an edge to edge design, but when the quilt arrived, I suggested that we go a bit over the top and do this heirloom.  With some help from customer Michael, I chose a gold thread, and started in.  When you really look at the quilt, you can see the huge variety of quilting fabrics she used for piecing.  There are Christmas bits, Laurel Burch, Aboriginal, flowers, you name it.  Not to mention that I found several pieces in her quilt that I also have several of them in my own stash. 
What fun to pull out my rulers, idea books and often times, just look at the fabric to see what it needed.

 Sometimes it was a really tight background fill, like in the light blue above where I've got straight lines going up and down, mimicking the design in the fabric.  Or, the one on the right, where I outlined the flowers in the background.

I couldn't resist adding in feathers every once in a while.

 I need to point out that in the right half of the above photo, those red outlines on the blue points finish at 1/4".  Oh my.

 I love how the background is tightly quilted, allowing the pieces triangles to really pop.
 Aboriginal fabric needed a bit of Aboriginal quilting.

 As if all the paper piecing wasn't enough, let's add curved piecing too!

 This is one of my favorites.  Just copied what the print in the fabric already showed.

Again, 1/4" finished pieces on the lighter purple around the darker purple triangles.

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