"Ken's Labyrinth" by Xande

It's called Ken's Labyrinth because Ken is the first name of the man who is primarily responsible for determining the Cycle Oregon route each year.  Labyrinth because that's what the design is.  Background is the blue bike fabric that we found right after we returned from our "Hell on Wheels" ride in 2015.  The rest of the fabrics are those that we picked up on the ride.

After I gave my quilts, I heard back from the Cycle Oregon folk that they intend to save the quilts for on the ride and to use them as a fundraiser there.  Maybe people will be cold (but not wet. That was last year), and want a warm blankie to wrap up in.  Also, these will be great keepsakes of the ride.  I really hope that they raise OODLES of money for the ride!

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