Snowday, by me.

I called it "Snowday" because I got up on Sunday morning ready to ride my bike, but looked out the window and it's freaking snowing!  (I live in Portland.  Snow is a rare instance around here.)  Since I'm not riding, I guess I'll quilt!  Actually, I did ride 0.29 miles that day.
Anyway, threw this one on my girl and swirled it out for the police.  Such a thrill to get rid of them all finally.  
When I first started cutting fabric, this was to be king sized quilt, but I didn't like how it was turning out, so I made it into a multitude of charity quilts.  Will now have to go back and see just how many quilts were generated by that.  I just went back and counted 4 quilts to the police from this collection.  A much better use of the fabric than the original plan!

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