Movie Stars by Xande

So, in no particular order, here are the screen credits.

 The Wizard of Oz.
 The Simpsons (really Xande?  Not my favorite, but it's your quilt.)
 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. What, no Trigger?
 Marilyn and several of her movie roles

 Gone With The Wind
 Darth Vader gets his own (Death) star!  (Did you notice my pun?  Xande is terrible/wonderful at puns!)

 Yet Luke and Han and Chewbacca have to all share a star of their own.

 Kermit the Frog, here.  (You have to read it in Kermit's voice)
 Superwomen!  Just like Xande.
 A little fuzzy, but Disney princesses

 Audrey Hepburn
Star Trek, original and later years.
 Charlie Chaplin
 Laurel and Hardy

 Alfred Hitchcock

 (sing it with me!) na na na na na Batman!

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