Dave's Grandmother's Log Cabin quilt

Dave got my phone number from a friend who had driven a sag vehicle for us on a bike ride.  Strange how I meet my customers sometimes.  Seems that Dave's grandmother had given him this quilt top in the 1950's.  Dave had asked me about hand quilting it, but (sadly), I wasn't willing to take on that large of a hand quilting project for someone else.  He agreed that we could finish it by machine though, and seemed pleased with the results.

 Just a straight line through the logs, and SID around the red "Hearths".
Here's a few shots of the quilt top before I quilted it.  Since it was pieced by stitching the fabrics to a muslin background, I was glad that I hadn't agreed to hand quilt it.  It would have been so much more difficult to rock a needle through the quilt top, then the muslin underlay, then the batt and finally the backing.  I still think it looks beautiful, and Dave said that he was going to try it out the night that he picked it up.

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