"Dragon Fire" by me.

 In 2015, we, brother Joe, friends Xande, and I rode on Cycle Oregon.  I had an intuition as we went through Weiser,  Idaho that there was a quilt shop nearby, and I was right!  Due to a forest fire, our route was changed, and we got to back through Weiser, when the shop was open!  I found a coordinating print that goes with this panel, and had to have it.  Then found the panel!  What fun!
 The sorcerer is directing his dragons to "go outside and play!"  I had so much fun quilting the panel!  Lots of quilting in the "grout" of the castle between the stones, and around the fields in the background.
 Although you can't tell in these photos, I used a really fun thread that glows in the dark!  It's kind of greenish blue on the cone, but glows green in the dark.  And, the stars in the border and binding fabrics also glow! 
 I even quilted some of the scales on the blue dragon's belly, so they look really cool in the dark!
 This quilt went to Officer Tori for the police.  I only wish I could see the look on the kiddo's face that gets this when they realize that the quilt glows.  So much fun!
Okay, so my photography skills are limited.  I really tried to get a shot of the thread glowing, but it just didn't work out. You'll have to take my word for it. 

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