St. John the Apostle for Tori

 Long story.  Sadly, my friend Michael's house was broken into. When he was reporting this, he met Officer Tori from the Portland Police.   Michael gave me her contact info, and I gave her a few of my police quilts. 
Then Tori approached me about making a quilt for an auction for her daughter's school, St. John the Apostle.  I embroidered the first names of the kid and the "house" that they are in on the white blocks, and Tori found the "Our Father" fabric below.  Quilted with the new "Dove of Peace" panto.

The cross applique is the symbol for the school, and Tori brought that to me so that it could be appliqued on.  Thanks to my mom for the use of her secondary sewing machine as my secondary machine doesn't have a decent applique stitch.  3 sewing machines, and one longarm quilting machine later, and we've got it finished!  I hope they raise lots and lots of money for the school.

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