All Hallow's Eve by Carol

Good going Beth.  You forgot to get a shot of the whole quilt.  For now, here you go.  Carol embroidered all the blocks by machine, and I really wonder if the thread won't glow in the dark. 

 She asked for a bat in alternating sashing squares.  Looks like I also neglected to get a shot of the spider web that goes in the alternate blocks.

 At least I got one of all the lovely embroidery blocks that she made.  Here are the crows.  Can't you just about hear them?
 Witches hat.  The entire background is quilted with a tight fill in black "Glide" thread.
 I think that the titles are "Devilish Delights", "Twisted Treats", and "Dead and Breakfast."  Yum!
 The amazing center block

 More books, and the witches shoes in the bottom! 

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