Scrappy cop quilt by me

 I have been cutting down my scraps of fabrics into 2" squares (finished at 1.5") and collecting them in a shoe box for some time.  This is the latest quilt to come out of the box.  I don't recall the name of the pattern, found it in a quilt magazine, but decided it was perfect for this.  It was supposed to be much more organized in the longer strips outside the 9 patch blocks, but I didn't realize that until later.  Oh well, more pulling things from various bins to use them up, and still not making a dent.
So far, I've had this quilt in my car for 2 weeks, and not a police officer in sight when I am driving.  I also have some food to give to them.  When I am on my bike?  Cops everywhere!  Guess I haven't found "my cop" that needs this quilt yet.  They are out there though, and I'll find them, and continue to make quilts for them. 

Thank you officers for your service.

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