"Delightful Desert" by Michael

 Another quilt by Michael designed by Elizabeth Hartman.  Wow.  Where does he find the time?
 I love the eye lashes on the fawn, and that is a moth underneath the fawn.
 I think this is a Puma.
 Oh!  It's a Racoon!  (I had to look up the pattern)
 A crane. with various cactus flowers around.
And a bunny.  Just have to say, I LOVE the background fill on this.  Wish I could claim it as my own design, but when I saw the pattern in the fabric that Michael used, that's what I pretty much followed.  Hard or impossible to see in the photos, and because I've quilted over it, but there are wavy lines in the print that just looked like wind swirled desert sand.  Too perfect to not use that.

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