Rebecca's Uncle's quilt

 I can't claim this quilt as one that I worked on, just did some binding repair to give it a new life.  This quilt was made by probably Rebecca's grandmother in the 1950's for her twin boys.  One of whom was Rebecca's father, and now this quilt, belonging to his brother, will go to her daughter and her "big girl bed."  Hand appliqued butterflies, hand quilted and only a thin flannel for the batting.
The binding had been wrapped from the back and folded over, but after that many years of love, it had seen better days.  I removed that, and found a new fabric that matched the pink perfectly!  Also, appliqued a little triangle over a tear in the front.  You can't tell from the photos, but the pink had faded from a much brighter shade originally, and it's slightly evident in places near the new binding.  What a lovely memory for Rebecca's family.

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