Aunt Delia's Dresden Plate by Val

 I love antique quilt tops that finally become a finished project.

Val is a new customer to me, referred by a friend.

This is what happens when I rely on my memory.  I had originally posted some incorrect info, so here's what Val had to say that is correct! "I love the pictures on your page! One correction. Aunt Delia was my aunt, not my husband's. She was born in Plainville, Kansas in 1885. I had thought she was probably in her 80s when she made these blocks, and guess I was probably right". .  Based on the seemingly circa 1970's fabrics, that was probably the time of completion, but there are certainly fabrics that are much earlier than that in this quilt.

 Much of the piecing is done by hand, there is also machine work.  I wonder when she started working on this, and when she finished, and why some is hand work, and the rest machine.

The blocks are 16" finished, and the outer borders are 12", so quite a bit of space to fill.  In the background of each plate, I quilted a tight swirl to let the green center star design be the focus.  Each "slice" of the plate has a shepherd's hook quilted into it to simply hold them down.    I then repeated the swirl design in the background of each block.  Again, this allows the focus to be on the piecing, but also holds everything together.  In the outer border I quilted a large feather with tendrils that grew off from the sides.  With a border that large, trying to fill it with a plain feather would have been difficult at best.

All in all, I'm quite pleased, and I hope that Aunt Delia likes how we finished her lovely quilt top.

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