"Morning Coffee" by Me!

 I love doing Block of the Month (BOM) quilts.  Each month for a year, you make a quilt blocks or two, so it's not as overwhelming as starting a huge quilt and saying "I can't work on anything else until this is done."  Instead, you make you block, then put it away for a month.  Next month you start another block or two. 
This one started because I had gone to Corvallis, OR for a service call on a longarm machine.  I can't get all the way to Corvallis, and not check out the local quilt shop, so off I go.  Oh look!  They are just starting their BOM program for the year!  Since the shop is about 2 hours away from me by car, Quiltwork Patches was kind enough to mail me my fabric and directions each month.
A year of making 2 blocks each month goes by, and now I have all my blocks ready to go.  I set them as suggested with narrow sashing strips and cornerstones, then added my own borders. 
Since this was my quilt to play with, I really wanted the quilting to shine.  I used wool batting, which gives it extra loft, then a tight background fill in the cream behind each star.
 The stars are quilted with feathers, and each block has continuous curves in each piece.
 Below is a photo of the back of the quilt, showing the quilting.  My only regret is that I didn't take a photo before washing.  Since the batting shrunk up when it was washed, I've lost the crispness and detail of the quilting that was there before washing.  Live and learn.
 The outer border is quilted with a fern leaf pattern to represent the leaves of the coffee bean plant.
The quilt is twin sized, and available for purchase.  I haven't listed it on my quilts for sale site yet because I want to get better photos with a real camera as opposed to my Ipod.  At least I know how to get the photos online from the Ipod, even if they aren't that great.

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