This one is for my darling niece, Maddie.  Maddie is 6'3" at the age of 18, and has loved giraffes for some time.  The name "Ormeuti" is from the Masai language for giraffe.    This was supposed to be a high school graduation gift that she was going to design, but that didn't happen.  She wanted a quilt of a giraffe, "looking up at stars".  We shopped for fabric one afternoon, but that was as far as she got.  I think she was overwhelmed at the idea of drawing a quilt for me.  I found the giraffe design online, and even better, found the giraffe fabric!  I initially thought that I was going to have to applique all of those spots onto the giraffe.  I opted for cotton backing to keep is less "puffy", and also because it's going to live in a college dorm, and this seemed an easier care fabric than the wool batt.
 I wish I had eyelashes like this!
 I had posted the quilt before the borders were attached to ask for suggestions on how to quilt it.  I got some great ideas from my friends, and ended up outlining each and every spot on the giraffe.  I love the texture that it gives it.
 This is the background fill in the night sky.  The fabric is dark blue, and matching thread.  However, there is light beige in the bobbin, so you see little dots of white on the dark blue.  I've decided that these are small galaxies beyond the stars.
The border quilting which really doesn't show much on the front.  I wanted the borders to be leaves and such, so  vine in the middle border, and wheat in the 1st border.  Feathers just seemed appropriate in the outer border.

 Here is the back of the quilt.  A pale yellow with tiny white polka dots.

I love how the quilting on the giraffe stands out on the back.

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