Peace on Earth by Terri

I surely hope that I get a better camera than my I-pod for Christmas, because these really aren't going to do this quilt justice.
The center panel and the birds at the top and bottom are all embroidered by hand.  Tiny little french knots to make the eyes.  The work in the lettering alone astounds me!
Terri and I discussed how she wanted it quilted, and trying to find something that wouldn't overwhelm her wonderful stitching, but still hold it all together and make this even more of a treasure was such fun.
 Terri signed off on doing a feathered wreath in the star blocks, but since they were so small, I was fearful that this would overwhelm them.  Curves to the rescue.

We had talked about continuous curves in the pinwheels, and in the checkerboard border, but when I got to the border and only did 1/2 of the curves, I like it so much that way that I left it.

 More modified continuous curves

Feathers in the outer border for the traditional quilting motif.  I can't wait to see what she'll bring another time!  She was so nonchalant about her beautiful hand work.  "Oh yeah.  I usually have something to work on." 

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