Finished "Wizard of Oz" by Michael

The completed quilt.

The outer edge.  Usually, I write pretty detailed instructions as to how to quilt a quilt.  Sometimes these are simple "Use this panto graph", "____ free hand design".  But the customer has (hopefully) a pretty good idea of what their quilt will look like when it's finished.   Here's what I wrote on Michael's check in sheet.  "Beth to play.  Glide threads throughout.  Angular designs in outer border."  Let me point out that Michael has been bringing me quilts for many years now, and I think that he's trusting of my skills.  I would NEVER do something like that for a new customer.  We've got to establish a relationship first.  I do love how the outer edge turned out though.  Not only is the it the place where you can really see the quilting, I just like how it looks.  I really wanted to use red thread in the bobbin for Ruby Slippers, but I also knew that any tension issues would show with that, so I went with neutral grey.

It's the Emerald City!  Just some stitching lines that sweep up towards the cneter.

 Dorothy's ruby slippers and her gingham dress above the Witches hat.  I love how the beginning of the yellow brick road surrounds the red poppy fields, and makes it look like eyes.

Here's the full yellow brick road.

I'm not sure what the grey parts represent, but I still love them and the center star.   I believe that Michael said that he is sending this one to Sister's for the quilt show, and I hope that they will display it low enough that people can see the piecing in this.  It's amazing!

Michael's explanation.

"It’s just my own interpretation of the story/movie, from the center out: it starts in sepia and then the clouds and storm rolls in, which leads to colorful flowers (Munchkinland where the color first appears in the movie), then the yellow brick road that goes all the way through the woods and the poppy fields to Emerald city, with Dorothy and the witch going round and round. The gray represents the witches castle, opposite of the Emerald City."

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