Grandmother's Flower Garden broughtby Donna

 Here is the completed quilt from Donna and her husband.  I'll have to have them remind me of who exactly, but I know that it was pieced by relatives from earlier generations.  Probably started in the 1930's or so, and the piecing was probably finished in the 1980's or so based on the pattern that they had in the box with the quilt top and backing.
This will be a wedding quilt for Sara and Tyler.  I made the label into an envelope in the hope that the history of the quilt will be written down and stored in the envelope so that it's always kept together.

I have made many quilts using this technique of English Paper Piecing.  I have only ever done it by hand, as shown above.
I know that this quilt was pieced by at least a couple of  women, and someone did portions of it by machine as shown here.
Quilters usually use 1/4" seam allowances, but the green sashing pieces here have quite a bit more than 1/4" at times.
Quilted in an all over pattern of vines and leaves.  I am so very glad that Donna and her husband liked this pattern.  When I got into the quilt, I found that it had some piecing "Issues", and these were much more easily dealt with by doing an edge to edge design.
Here is the quilt on my machine.  There is a bit of extra fullness in the first flower at the top.

And here.

And also here.

In these last two photos, the top one with the quilt still on my machine, you can see where I've worked in some of the fullness.  There are some serious wrinkles in the quilt top simply because all of that extra fabric has to go somewhere.  However, I am pleased with how it turned out, and I hope that the newlyweds will treasure this very special gift.

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